Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Read the List of Little Calorie Cuts That Add Up to Less Pounds...

(Photos by author)

Use 'Fat-Free' salad dressings

Use low-fat Mayo.

Try sorbet instead of ice cream.

Eat your burger, Sloppy Joes, or other sandwiches on half a bun.

Opt for a baked potato or mashed potatoes when eating out rather than French Fries.

Eat canned tuna in water and not oil. Try mashing an avocado in the tuna rather than mayo.

Bake breaded fish or chicken cutlets on an oiled baking sheet rather than frying. 

Purchase low-sugar and low-sodium peanut better.

Order steamed items when in a Chines restaurant such as steamed dumplings instead of fried ones.
Use all-fruit sweetened jams or preserves such as Polaner brand. 

Eat baked chips rather than fried.

Make your own popcorn in a corn popper for the microwave. Air popped.

Look for healthier Take-Out lunches. (Below: Baked Air fries, steamed broccoli and vegetable juice.)
Skip the milk and sugar in coffee or tea.

Cut the sugar in half in cake and/or cookie recipes.

Drink unsweetened flavored seltzers in place of soda or make your own with fruit juice and seltzer.

Have some fresh fruit on hand for a sweet tooth over candy.

Read food labels. Skip products that show sugar and fat as the first ingredients.

NOTE: Be Mindful that products that offer low-fat products often increase the sugar to make it more tasty.

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