Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ten Tips to Use it and Not Lose it...

Many of us claim we have no time to exercise...get to the gym or spend an hour running or walking at the park, on a treadmill or around the neighborhood. 
No need to spend time running miles or exhausting yourself beyond limitations to stay fit. 
Just move. 
Here's a few ideas that can fit into most of our daily routines...
* Walk to the store or post office rather than drive, if not too far. 
*  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, at least part way if doable.
*  Get off the train or bus a few stops ahead of your destination and walk the rest of the way.
*  Park your car a few blocks from your destination when visiting and have nothing heavy to carry.
*  Put on upbeat music and dance while you sweep/Swifter floors.(Be sure to have sneakers on.)
*  Exercise in the shower. Do shoulder rolls. Turn your head from left to right. Stretch. (Make sure you're standing on a rubber bath mat.)
*  Keep a pair of light weights on hand. Pick them up a few times a day and do eight to ten curls.
*  While at the beach, get up and walk along the shore a few times.
*  While on the phone, do some leg lifts and squats, or walk around while talking.
*  Don't be a total couch potato. Get up during commercials to walk or jog around the house (not to get snacks.) 
Of course a regular routine of walking, biking or swimming is the ideal, but if not possible, we can still move it and not lose it.

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